PL Whiteyard a2

Almost on the Tyne.

  1. Cytosolic

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    Whiteyard - Almost on the Tyne.

    A 4cp payload map with a coastal industrial theme. Interesting design directions will be revealed with further development.
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  2. Cytosolic

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    Major Design Decisions:
    Point A was rather good. I've left it the same.
    Point B felt pretty linear but I think it has potential. I've moved the first ramp across the main yard. This should provide a more open playing space for more creative play. Reds height advantage may be too great for this though, we'll see.
    Point C was plain boring, basically a roll that lead into a massive choke. The point has been greatly expanded to promote interesting defense and flanking.
    Point D was awful. A plain box and pit with some height advantage for red. I'm not surprised since I've never been strong at final points. I've completely remade Point D and it's entrances to what I think is a far strong play space (although that isn't saying much).
    Overall I'm hoping this will close to the last major blockout version. Meaning that I can focus on medium focus design instead of broad design.

    Loose Changelog:
    + Added a bend in the connector between A and B.
    + Moved the first B ramp away from the red side and opened up the battle space.
    + Shifted red B entrance slightly.
    + Expanded the area behind point C.
    - Removed old D point and C to D connectors.
    + Added new, less chokey C to D connectors.
    + Created new final point.
    +/- Misc (Pickup, texture, and geometry changes, etc.)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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    I like your clean brushwork, use of white dev texture, and tendency to stick to 64 grid size since that's how I like to do.
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