White Textures and Error Models

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    Heyo, I just downloaded some decompiled maps from the list on this site, and I've noticed (particularly in community-made maps) that I have a ton of missing textures and models. I assume this is due to the models and textures being packed into the map when it got compiled, sent off to valve and added into the game, but the models and textures must be in the files somewhere! Is there any way I can find them, get them to show up and possibly even use them in other maps?

    I understand that if the models and textures haven't been made available to the public that the map creator might not want anyone else using their assets, and I'm more than happy to respect that, but it would still be nice to know for any future reference.

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    You can unpack the map BSP found in the game files(if repacked) then use GCFscape to extract the materials and models folder from the map into your custom folder if you want to be able to see custom assets in hammer. I'd recommend against this though, you may end up accidentally using one of these textures or models in your map, and this will all be without the map author's permission (unless you ask)
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