"Whipslasher" Demoman Sword (mod included)

"Whipslasher" Demoman Sword (mod included) Release 1

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Diva Dan

Mar 20, 2016
"Whipslasher" Demoman Sword (mod included) - A two handed weapon for the demoknight created for the 72hr jam


The Whipslasher is a two-handed demoman melee weapon made in a similar theme to a shield in an upcoming weapon set of mine, which you can see in the GIF above (not included in this download).

What is Included in the download is a ZIP which includes a folder you can place in tf/custom. This is a mod that replaces the model and materials of the Nessie's Nine Iron, and should work on any server without sv_pure 1.

Models and Materials are by me, and the concept was created by Flipy before the jam.