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    Last year, I got stoked trying to think up a decent koth layout, so i stopped trying to make tf2 maps and deleted the SDK. However, thanks to koth_suijin, i now have figured out the layout (it started with trying to make a less shity version of suijin and then it morphed into something unique) and I now want to get the SDK again. But, when i open my Steam library, i saw 2 SDKs, the 2007 one and the 2013 one. So, which version works with TF2 and which one doesn't ?
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    I believe the easiest way of doing it is by going to your TF2 folder (The path may vary depending on where store TF2, but mine is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2), then going to the folder labled bin, then just find the file labled "hammer". Double click on that, and find a way to pin it to your taskbar for easier access later.
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    The SDK launchers don't work for TF2 anymore. Use the Hammer.exe found in the bin folder as Clone5184 describes.
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    Check the how to map series in my signature. Episode one shows you the up to date method on how to launch Hammer.
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    So you're saying suijin is shitty?
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    I won't say it's shitty but it's pretty close. Sniper sight lines going from spawn to spawn, come on. Also, so many areas to go where once you land your only hope of getting in the fight again is by suiciding and waiting on the respawn timer to tick down to 0.

    The only reason why Suijin got into the game was because it looked pretty. Out of the 4 maps that came with Gun mettle, Borneo was the only good one. Powerhouse is half decent but it needs forward spawns or a better way to get to the enemy's last quicker. Snowplow is either a steamroll trough the whole map or a stalemate on Stage 1, point B and is waaaaaaaay too over scaled. Suijin has sight lines cp_orange can only dream of, which doesn't exactly help. Oh and hight advantage for the enemy team near the other team's spawn is bad map design.

    As Freya said, it worked well for Arena but it's a bad KOTH map.
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    Exactly! I don't get why they havn't put some forward spawns in this map since the gameplay reminds me heavily of tc_hydro since both teams are just fighting for the enemies last CP to win. The point in the middle is irrelevant since you have this one capped anyway if you are pushing towards the last CP.
    Does the middle CP at least affect spawn times?