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    Quick question. I have 5 control points in my map and I want to make it so the center control point (middle of map) has to be unocked from another location before a team can capture it. Basically I am going to have a romm where there is a circuit that has to be switched on. So which ever team controls the circuit room, the middle control point can then be captured by them but not the other team. If one team has control of the circuit room and is in process of taking over the center control point but has not completed it, the other team can take control of the circuit room and it stops the center control point from further being captured.

    Can anybody give me advice on how to set this up? Thanks.
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    you can have a trigger by the switches that has an output that sets the parameters for the doors' triggers' filters around the point I believe.
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    couldn't you just make the circuit room a capture point in itself and set it as one of the requirements for the middle point?
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    the old invisible control point trick. You will have to turn it's hud off, or perhaps put it on another row on the hud to show who has control of that room. That would be pretty handy..