Where should new mappers start?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Kill_the_Bug, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Was looking at another post and the thought occured to me that some new mappers might need some guidance in where to start - I'm not talking about tutorials etc - I'm talking about difficulty levels.

    If you were to give advice on where to start - where would you tell them to start? i.e. Start with"

    Koth/CTF stlye maps then move up to Payload and then onto Territory Control

    of course there's nothing to stop them from going right into whatever stlye they want - I'm just thinking about their learning curves if they've never done it before.

    Where would you have them start?
  2. Sergis

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    start with installing SDK :p
  3. Fr0Z3nR

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    Install SDK,
    Mess around until you get your first hammer crash
    Then start with Arena for just getting to know the UI and basics ent programming
    Then maybe KotH to help you learn gameplay flow and mechanics.
    Then install the ABS pack
    Then go bat-shit-crazy with whatever you want and if you get stuck ask for help.

    The key thing though is to NOT use the ABS pack right off.
  4. Sergis

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    koth is just as basic as arena tbh, apart from the need to make proper spawnrooms
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    I think you're getting a bit confused, particularly with what you said in the other thread. We don't advise people to make KoTH maps because the game logic is simple, we do it because the gameplay is simple. What is viaduct, gameplaywise? A hill, two sniper gantries and some cover. What about Badlands? A bridge with cover, a ravine below.

    Game logic shouldn't be the complex bit. Either you're using ABS's pack, in which case everything is a piece of cake, or you're making it yourself, in which case PL is significantly more complex than TC. The reason PL is a more friendly gametype for beginners than TC is, again, gameplay simplicity.

    My personal Heirachy:

    Koth, Arena
    Plr, 5Cp
    A/D CP, PL, CTF
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    I fail to see how PLR is easier than PL, especially since even Valve can't seem to get it right. If it weren't for the complete lack of a timer, their PLR maps would stalemate even more than 2fort.