When to should I use props and when shouldn't I?

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    I'm fairly new to the whole mapping thing and am issue I come across a lot is that I don't know when I should use a prop and when i should use the brush tool to make my own. For example I am currently making a ctf map, and I wanted to put the intel on a desk, but i couldn't find a good desk to use. So I made my own. Was that the correct thing to do? Should i have downloaded more resource packs until one that i liked? When should I use props and when shouldn't I use props?
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    Props provide extra levels of detail that would be difficult to accomplish with brushwork.Things like chairs or doors are props, but buildings, walls, grass, etc are made with brushes. Sometimes a mix of the two are used, and sometimes it's simply mapper preference that decides which to use. Badwater first stage combines brushwork and rock props to create its layout. A lot of rock wall props exist, but rock walls can also be made of displacement brushes.
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    You can convert complex brushwork into a prop using Propper.
    If your desk consists of just a few brushes that aren't too small I'd simply turn it into a func_detail
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    The 2fort desk is a particularly sneaky bastard because it's literally made of a prop combined with two brushes. Probably so they could put overlays of pieces of office paper on top.
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