When there's nothing left to burn...

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    ...you have to set the entire losing baby team on fire!

    So I'm doing that in my latest map, Skylab, and it was involved enough that I thought it worth a blog post. So I've also resurrected the zombie that was nodraw.net, and posted a brief article showing how to do it, and the hitches along the way.

    I won't bother c+p-ing it all here, so go here to read it: http://www.nodraw.net/2012/02/sorting-winners-from-losers/

    The technique is useful whenever you want to distinguish the winning team and the losing team after the end of a round, not just for setting them on fire.

    (I'd have put this in the tutorials thread, except it's just a link to a tutorial, not the full thing, so.)
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    Ha ha, this could actually come in handy if I decided to make a payload map based on Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Ark kills everyone on RED if BLU wins.
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