What's a good way to use this texture?

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    So I'm going along, mapping to my hearts content, yay. This one is definitely going to be my first release :) Anyways, I'm trying out various textures on a filler building, and can't decide what to use. Specifically, metal/wall #11-25. The ones that have various size black lines in them. Are these things supposed to be windows, or just a break in the texture? I tried using 015f and stretched it out a bit. It's just plain ugly, and I can't figure out a good way to add the similar ones. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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    keep them at 0.25 scale, the various different textures actually match up in various forms, so if you alter the x / y values but keep them the same for each texture they will still line up, useful for larger areas where you dont want the building to look too repetitive.

    they tend be used as metal buildings for the external walls / sometimes internals if its a shack type building , and also for various roofs, best advice is check out the decompiled badlands maps they are used almost exclusively for the buildings on that map / gravel pit / dustbowl also has several variations of the metal in use.

    Once you have to got to grips with the different variations of the textures they are very easy to work with and look great in game once lit.
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    For the most part, the black bits are meant to be parts where the metal plating is missing. I think you'll find the black bits are all on the grid, so you can have func_detail brushes where there's the metal texture, and gaps where the black parts are, for a "damaged" look.