What's a good distance between the teams on "neutral ground"?

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    On maps like CTF Turbine or CTF Sawmill, where both teams can choose a direct path to the objective without running into each other, or go out of their way to attack the other team and stop them, what distance should they have to make both a useful option?

    For example, I'd say turbine tends to be way too close to avoid a mid-fight, perhaps the Scouts get through without one, but that's it.

    What average distance between the team main paths would you recommend?
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    Questions asking "How many units should be between X and Y?" are always going to get the same answer: It is entirely dependent on your layout. There isn't an exact rule or a range of units for how far things need to be from each other. Choke points, long sightlines, etc. can make a sort distance very difficult to pass, whereas a long, out-of-the-way route can be traversed quickly.
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    If there were exact rules for this kind of stuff map making would be a lot easier and lot more boring
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    Controlling line of sight between spawns is a lot more important than the distance between them.

    If it's too easy for teams to fight in close proximity to a resupply cabinet and/or retreat behind a team filter, the map will stalemate quickly.
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    Actually the distance should be pretty short as you shouldn't be able to walk past the enemy team that easily
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    keep in mind 1100 (1024 but 1100 to give room for the player i guess) is the distance a sentry can cover. so if you want a sentry go cover everything, make it 1000x1000. height differences can change this though.

    damage falloff also goes in effect at 512 units or something like that? i generally say 512 units is within my kill range as a soldier (800 if using the liberty nooblauncher)
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    Turbine is an over simplified design that has flaws for that very reason. Plus it's very small and doesn't leave much room for players to move, especially in the middle, no-mans land. But at least there is space on the flanking route.

    With that in mind, you should also take into account that the width of a flank makes it equally as useful as say a number of additional paths. 2forts primary issue is how narrow some of its paths are, despite the number of flanks.
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    Not to derail this too much, but can I infer from this that my plans to convert Turbine's air vents into proper hallways and rooms are going to make it play better, not worse as I was afraid it might?