What up peeps

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Nov 30, 2017
What's up guys, I'm Bingham.

Since day one I have been in love with TF2's art style, and now want to start contributing to its beauty.
I've always loved community maps and the dedication that people put into them, and would love to see more added to the game. I have an interest in mapping and some knowledge of Hammer, but I'm not sure yet if I want to commit to learning the inner workings of it and make a full-fledged map. I'm more of an artist than a mapper, and I'm thinking about making some texture assets.

I have some ideas sort of sketched out in Photoshop, but not quite sure how to make them readable for Hammer. Some of the tutorials relating to this on here were quite old, and the photos and download files didn't work anymore, unfortunately. I hate to ask in my first ever thread, but if anyone could help me out with how to make a skybox texture or sign texture from scratch and turn it into the correct format, that would be much appreciated :).

I look forward to contributing to this awesome community!


L2: Junior Member
May 19, 2016
Hey lad. You are always welcome.