What Makes a TF2 Map Fun?

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    Hey all! This is my first post to this form so expect some bad

    What makes a good TF2 map?
    TF2 is a weird type of game when you think about it. Unlike other FPS games, the high mobility & casual setting of TF2 makes it hard to find a sweet spot in making a map fun & competitive viable.

    Coming from someone with 450+ hours in TF2 (which may not seem like a lot compared to others), a fun TF2 map supports diversity in game play.


    For a good example lets use barn blitz, The first part is open and lets mobile classes like soldier and demo-men shine, while also letting engineers set up a nest near the first checkpoint, going for a high risk high reward with it being so close to the checkpoint plus the cramped area allowing AOE classes to really damage the nest.
    The second part of Barnblitz is a tight corridor area with flank routs, letting more close up classes like Scout, Heavy, & Pyro to push/flank the enemy team, while also having good high risk high reward sight lines for Snipers.
    Last but... well last, we have the last area, now this part I feel is the meekest of the bunch, but it still provides a good example, with the open part in the beginning leading to the final indoor push, making AOE classes, Medic, & spy good for offence and more defensive classes like engineer and Demoman to shine in the end part.


    Now lets look at 2Fort, the most popular TF2 map:

    Snipers go up, Engineers camp Intel, and oh, there's no time limit. How is this the most popular map again?

    This brings me back to my first point, TF2 is a weird game, some maps might be perfectly balanced letting each class shine in their own way and be the least played map, and then a map just might be a stale mate camp at Intel as engineer, and snipers in the same sniping spot for 3 hours, being the most played map.

    I guess what im trying to say here is that just like everything else in TF2, making a good map is weird, wacky and a bit confusing, but don't let that discourage you, always try something new and then maybe, just maybe will you have the next 2Fort.

    Actually scrap that don't have the next 2Fort that map sucks.