What is a good cap-to-time ratio?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by The Political Gamer, Mar 12, 2010.

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    What I have yet to understand is what that number is/should be. Unless I missed something can someone give me some insight at a good cap-to-time ratio?
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    Cap-to-time ratios will vary based on the map. As long as its symmetrical it won't make a difference.
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    I was thinking about this, and wouldn't it technically be most caps in 20 minutes? Since that is the timer we're running on the ctf maps; and since there is no cap limit.

    As long as the map is balanced the ratio will generally be fair. It's really up to the individual author to determine what constitutes reasonable capture rates and determine this in the layout design (and gameplay functions; return timer delays etc.). Different designs and ctf modes will warrant (and affect) different cap per time rates; but not necasserily be detrimental to the gameplay experience.

    Also baring in mind that we're dealing with several ctf game mode types, which i think this is what the statement was aimed at. So that entrants don't get confused over the overall goal of their map.
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    Competitive players like a fast capture rate. And I can see why; when the intels are being picked up it's a lot more exciting, forcing you to constantly stay on your toes. If the intel is too difficult to pick up, a match can get stale pretty fast (whether or not it's 6v6).

    But it can't be too fast, or else the match loses any sort of cohesiveness and it becomes too confusing to play effectively. You don't want a random string of intel grabs, runs, or captures that players can't react to effectively.

    Like a lot of balance things, there's not really a golden ratio of captures-to-time. You've just got to work with it until it feels right with your map.
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    i think that means maps will be scored on caps per time not first to 3

    not # of caps per time as a numerical score value for the contest lol.