What i did on Garry's Mod today.

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    Hello. I'm back with new screenshots since Garry's Mod 13 announced by months ago. Here are some screenshots that i have made.


    Name- MeeM: The Eight Pages
    Map- rp_mountainvillage_night
    Description- Based on the popular horror/survival game, Slender: The Eight Pages.


    Name- Step into Insanity
    Map- gm_sunnyisles
    Description- Based on Ubisoft's game, Far Cry 3.


    Name- Unfriendly Neighborhood
    Map- ttt_richland
    Description- This is based on Rockstar North's upcomming game, Grand Theft Auto V (It's from one of those GTAV's Promo Pictures.)

    That is all i got for today. Go ahead and reply. :)
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