What do you love and hate about TF2 maps ?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by The Siphon, May 9, 2015.

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    Hello, So I have been on a long break. I am planning my first map since I have only done few test maps.

    I want to know what you love and hate about TF2 maps.

    That would be useful info and also I would love to read your opinions on maps :)

    Thank you for your time !
  2. Lain

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    I hate maps that don't try to do anything with the game.
    Oh shit you made another 5cp in the vein of Badlands / Gullywash? another payload/cp map like dustbowl and goldrush? wooooow you're a visionary.

    I love it when people get creative, which is very rare for something like level design, weirdly. Stuff like Trainsawlaser, Sleekrete or Indulge are what mapping is about.
    This isn't Quake, not every map has to be super serious.

    (btw, this isn't a knock on anyone making competitive / plain maps, I love maps like Sunshine and Snakewater)
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  3. Bunbun

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    I don't hate maps, it's the community that makes them look terrible.

    Gets kicked gets kicked in the ass
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  4. Muddy

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    I try not to be too ambitious and creative with my maps since I know I'm just going to scrap them after a month or two.
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  5. takabuschik

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    I like maps with height variation, and with interesting cp locations. Try to put your cp in an interesting place, a place that will force both attackers and defenders to think before they attack/defend it.

    I also like maps that offer some advantages to people who know the map well- useful rocket jumps, sneaky routes etc. I really like pl_upward and cp_steel for that reason- if you play them enough, you'll find a new route you've never seen before, or some epic jump. But this might not be a good place to start with a new map alpha, as everything would change anyway in your next versions, so it's not worth the investment.
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  6. Idolon

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    If you're gonna scrap a map in a few weeks after you make it, you should try to be as creative as possible as you can. You'll learn a lot more about what works and what doesn't.

    I'm gonna echo what's already been said and say that I tend to like maps more when they try new things. The game is coming up on 8 years old soon. Not only do we have a lot of things that we know work, but they've been made/played to death. If you're modeling your map after a "classic," then you're in a large crowd.

    This is personal preference, but I like asymmetrical maps a lot more than symmetrical ones. I think they do a better job at focusing the gameplay, because your role is much more clearly defined. In pubs, teamwork usually happens on accident, and having those defined roles make that accidental teamwork happen a lot more often. There's less macro strategy ("Do I attack or defend?") to worry about, so you can focus more on the micro strategy ("How do I eliminate this enemy?").
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  7. MrHatlf

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    Well, when it comes to making a map, I wouldn't invoice others opinions before you start mapping. It's still fine to receive feedback after you have created your first alpha.

    Ask yourself what do you like about your favorite maps. Take some inspiration from your favorite maps, whether it might be the bridge from cp_gorge or environmental deaths like in plr_hightower. Don't copy a whole section of that map, but take a little thing.
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