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    Hi all,

    I have finished making a map in hammer, but what do I do next? How do I make it so that other people can download the map and play it? How do I get to the stage where I can put the map download in the 'maps' section?

    I have some custom textures if that makes a difference.
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    To upload your map to the site, go to the downloads page and click on "add". Follow the instructions there. Or you can use any file hosting site of your choice; many people here use Dropbox because it's the quickest and most convenient service.

    Also, in order to get feedback for your map, make a thread in the Map Workshop section of the forums (not to be confused with Steam's Map Workshop, which is a different thing). You can include a link to your download there.

    As for custom content, I've seen VIDE get recommended a lot. Here's a tutorial on how to use it.

    Here are a couple other useful links:

    Map checklist
    Compressing your map file
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