What could be Added within Community Updates?

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War Paints Everywhere
Apr 26, 2015
If you could do anything with the Invasion Update What would it be? I would added the new reskins to MvM or a MvM like new gamemode where you could kill the robots/aliens and they will drop the new reskins weapons and when you complete the mission everyone will get one of the new reskin no Mann up required and the game will track so nobody gets two of the same reskin. If Mann up was an option then the reskin weapons could be strange and unusual for a Mann up ticket. The strange will be always dropped and then the unusual will be dropped rarer and then the strange unusual will be the most rare to be dropped.

If you could do anything with the End of the Line Update What would it be? The only thing you could not add is CP_Snowplow due to it being added within the Gun Mettle Update. I would added a few duck skin rewords to drop after x amount of kills with using the Duckstreak. That would give a reason to get the Duck Journal and for the Duck Tokens I would have them add a new effect to a hat or your weapons each 10 kills you get. Each time you get the Duck Token you would get better and better effects kinda like the KIllstreak Kits but the effects will be already be added to your hat or weapons.

If you could do anything with the Robotic Boogaloo Update What would it be? You could add new maps, new robots for MvM, and anything that is not too big, anything that the community can do. What i would do is add 2-3 new MvM Maps and added different kind of robots for example a Natasha Heavy, Wrap Assassin Scout, and Flying Guillotine Scout. What would you do?


Spiritual preprocessor
Dec 19, 2015
While you did what you were wanted to do, you could have just moved the discussion to one of the three threads you had already created. As a Veteran, the editing title function is available to me, so I bet it also is to you, a Donator.

Now, instead of copying all three thread's bodies consequently, you could have organized it in a smarter way, such as copying the first sentence using a collective noun, and then list your own suggestions. (Do not take that as a suggestion to create yet another thread, mind you. Use the edit button if you wish to take edits.)