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    Wetworks is a neutral flag reverse CTF map. Teams must take control of the single briefcase and deliver it to a capture point inside the enemy base. If the flag is in the enemy base, a forward spawn is gained. A small map, Wetworks aims to offer fast paced CTF combat.
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    From the pictures, it looks veeery open and empty. Also, the capture area looks a bit dark. Interesting gamemode though.
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    well I just got off playing it (you were there so you should now lol) and There are a few things I would like to point out.

    water around the cap zone for the intel needs to be MUCH higher. Right now, even while crouching, I could not put myself out WHICH SUCKS. Make it much deeper.

    The door near the intel point needs to have a gate or some metal barriers or something to protect people from getting sniped.

    The upper area around the spawn needs to be reachable from inside the intel area and the right side of the intel room felt very empty.

    The main fighting area felt very empty and there was very little cover. Maybe to go along with the water theme, put a moat going through the middle of the map and under the intel.

    You need to put up signs, arrows, and such because many people dont read the description and end up bringing the intel to the wrong place.

    Obviously fix the Skybox..

    Lastly I think you need to change the small medkits to medium medkits and make the intel area in the middle a bit easier to access. It took me a wile to figure out how to get up there. Also slopes are for noobs unless there underwater. Use stairs.
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    make the water around the point murky, and put floating lillypads in the water as platforms.

    Sniper sightlines need work, but its a1 so who cares. The respawn on the flag needs to be higher after cap to give teams time to get back to mid to stop cycle capping which happens in ctf in other games.

    Other than that i look forward to playing it more. skybox owns btw ;)