Well hello there.

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Never Played MvM
Apr 28, 2017
Hello, I'm Penol. I have discovered mapping long time ago, can't really remember, but actually got to do some actual stuff in 2016, thanks to Crash's tutorial series.

Can't really say if mapping would be mine full-time thing, but well, I think that I'm kind of interested in it.

Before joining here I already made some test-map thing which turned out really small and kind of crappy, I think you might see it under name "koth_crate_r" in the workshop. Can't really say that I'm good at mapping, though.

Well, I hope that you'll have a nice day and all that good stuff.


Mar 1, 2010
Welcome to the site! Glad I helped get you going again!

In my experience, it's best to just go at mapping as a fun side project/ hobby. Just do it for fun and see where it goes.

Don't get discouraged that you feel like your first projects aren't that good, that at least means you are learning what does and doesn't work. Just try to figure out what about them isn't good, and try to figure out what you can do to fix it, or not make that mistake with your next map! :)