Welcome to the Orphaned Map Repository! PLEASE READ!

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    Welcome to the TF2Maps.net Orphaned Map Repository!​

    What is this place? Well, it's a place for all your old maps to go and rest (die), and hopefully get picked up (ressurected) by some eager young mapper who can't seem to just get a good start and needs something to work from. But how does this work? It's simple. PLEASE READ ALL THIS

    Lets start with the type of project you will see:
    Open: These projects are open for all to take. Please note the rules the author states about giving proper credit. This isn't a place for stealing maps, this is a place to properly "donate"
    Invite: These projects are NOT open for all to take. The original author will choose who they would like to work on their map.

    Other things you will see:
    Alpha: This means the map is usually not fully tested, and not detailed.
    Beta: This means the map has been tested a fair bit (but maybe not enough!), and is need of detail.

    When you post your map, you will need to denote a few things in your title.

    1. You must have the name of your map
    2. You must denote if it is an Open or Invite Project*
    3. You must denote what stage your map is in (Alpha, beta, Undetailed, Untested)

    When you post your map, you will need to put the following in your description

    1. What you originally had planned for the map (if anything)
    2. You need to note how credit will be given (Do you want partial credit, or no credit at all?)
    3. If the map is an INVITE Project, you must state it here, and what you are looking for in the potential author.
    4. If the map is an OPEN Project you must provide a zip file with your projects .vmf and .bsp and files for any other custom content needed in the map. (or, provide a link if it is a theme pack). (use the Download link option in the create release thread)
    5. If your map is an INVITE Project you need only provide the .bsp of your map. (use the Download link option in the create release thread)
    6. If your map requires any other sort of downloads, you need to denote this.
    7. You may add any other notes you wish there.

    How can I claim a project?
    • If the map you want to claim is OPEN, you are free to take it and do what you want, but please follow the notes outlined by the author about giving proper credit!
    • If the map you want to claim is INVITE, you will need to post in the thread saying that you are interested in claiming the project, and a short response on why you want to claim it. Please also check the release post for anything else that the Author wants you to mention in your post.
    • The author will then choose someone to work on the map at their own digression.

    Other RULES you need to follow!
    This is NOT a development forum. If take over a map project, please create a new thread in the Map Workshop
    Please respect the Original Authors rules about the map!
    You are allowed to have multiple threads, that is, 1 thread PER map.
    The map you post must be fully playable! As if it was to be played in gameday. (That is, all entities work, it does not crash servers/clients, etc)
    Please use dropbox or our own file hosting service for when you are hosting your maps for download.

    Remember! This is not a place for stealing, this is a place for sharing maps! Please remember to be clear, and follow the rules!
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