Weird problem with uploading images to a new thread

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Shogun, Dec 14, 2014.

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    I'm trying to create a new thread for a my PLR map, but when I went to upload the images, all I got was a weird array of images from my old map koth_cement and seemingly no way to actually add the image I wanted to upload to the new thread.

    Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

    I don't think this is right, but this is only my second map submission so this could be intentional for all I know.
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    Click choose file and it'll add the image you want. That section is for the image that appears on the "new maps submissions" thumbnail thing on the front page.

    You'll use the "Screenshot #1 - 6" section to upload more images of the map that people will look at in-thread.