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    Ok, so, after watching [ame=""]YouTube - Source Mapping Tutorial 12 - Environmental Effects[/ame], I wondered if the fire can be used in TF2/Hammer also. If not, is there any way to add fire?

    Also, I noticed in GMod that when selecting an item from the menu for singleplayer, it shows it's file destination, but I saw that it was a .mdl. Does that mean I can use it in TF2/Hammer?
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    The env_fire actually doesnt work in TF2, but you can create fire using particle effects (but i dont know how to use them, maybe someone else does?
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    cp_egypt uses fire on the torches. I had to take a look how they were made on there to make them myself.

    The wall torches consist of the wall torch prop, and orange light entity, a trigger_hurt, an info_particle_system with the particle name burning_torch and an env_sprite with orange colour and sprite name of materials/Sprites/light_glow03.vmt

    This does make a small flame but you might be able to increase the size somehow. Anyway hope that helps.
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    I saw this tutorial before, and I just now realized something. What are the advantages to using the particle effects for rain (such as the ones in sawmill) versus using the precipitation trigger?
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    With func_precipitation you can control exactly where the rain/snow will be without worrying it'll go inside buildings. However, if your precipitation brushes are at different sizes, the rain/snow density will vary, and you'll have to manually adjust the density based on the brush volume.

    The particle effect rain always have the same density, unless you place many of them together.
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