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    I have played more Weapons Factory, than TF. So the first few maps I upload will be WF remakes.

    My previous experience in map making was with Quake 3. My first experience with Hammer was 4 days ago.
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    I never played Weapons Factory, what kind of game is it? Anyways, glad to have you with us. I love seeing quality remakes from classic games. Hammer isn't that much different from other mapping tools. There's a lot of stuff, but it's all easy to learn and use. Welcome to the group m8 :)
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    Hmm, me neither. I've never played weapons factor.


    I mapped for q3a so i can relate with ya there =p

    Welcome to the forums. Check out the tutorial section, Mapping Resource Thread in my signature and also our steam chat group. Starting 4 days ago im sure you have a bit of question and we'd be happy to help you with all.