Weapon stat ideas! (because steam workshop ain't enough!)

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    C'mon, we all have at least 50 of 'em. Let me share a few of my own:

    Scout Melee:
    The Uberbuster
    +on successful taunt kill, 10 seconds of Uber
    -15% damage penalty

    Another Scout Melee
    The Home Dash
    +35% faster movement speed
    -25 max hp

    Soldier Primary:
    The Veteran's Pride
    *a musket rifle for the soldier that holds 6 bullets
    +does a lot of damage but... isn't a rocket launcher

    Demo Secondary:
    The Turbo Charge
    *hold alt-click for up to 3 seconds to release charge
    +no charge recharge
    +does knock back on shield bash depending on charge time
    +50% faster charge speed
    -shield bash does no damage
    -charge only grants mini-crits

    Another Demo Secondary:
    The Scotland Sights
    +crits on all weapons while blast jumping
    -50% clip size
    -4 max stickybombs
    -35% blast radius penalty

    Sniper Primary:
    The Slice & Dice
    (huntsman variant)
    -20% longer pullback time
    +projectile penetration
    +15% damage bonus

    Engineer Secondary:
    Texan Vigilance
    +50% clip size
    +25% damage bonus
    -15% fire rate penalty
    -25% slower reload speed

    Share your own! Ideas and creativity will get you far in life! :3
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    Making scout EVEN MORE fast is one of the most annoying things weapons can do. TF2 is, in a broad sense, built around movement, and something as drastic as 35% extra movement speed would be RIDICULOUSLY unfun to play against.

    This would be... Weird. It kinda messes with the whole idea of soldier. You wouldn't give Medic a flamethrower.

    Blast jumping in TF2 also refers to when an enemy pops you up with their weapon. Being juggles by a soldier? Easy, >300 damage in one pill. Not to mention, you could do a weak stickyjump and destroy an entire crowd of people. Super OP.

    Meh. I've always found items that are just +/- stats like damage, reload, and firing speed really boring. *cough family business eviction notice cough*

    The rest are pretty interesting, I'll give you that.
  3. KubeKing

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    Pyro Flamethrower:
    The Soot Searer
    *Ground surfaces can be set aflame for 10 seconds, which can light enemies on fire
    -100% ammo depletion
    -Airblasts cost 75% more ammo

    Scout Melee:
    The Sled of Bled
    *M2 while on an inclided suface will allow the player to slide down the surface quickly on a sled. Any players hit by the sled will bleed.
    -10% normal move speed
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    Nearly every time I play scout, there's at least one occasion where I'm in the midst of a fight, and and I click to shoot my last shell that I know will finish off my enemy, only to find out that I already fired my last shot. Maybe I've just been programming too much and my brain sees 6 and thinks seven, but I always overestimate the ammo in my scattergun by exactly one. And while I'm staring at the respawn counter after losing that fight, I beg to the heavens above for a scattergun with just one or two more shots. So, that would be my dream weapon.

    I don't think I'd be satisfied with any old downside, though. Like the downsides on many other weapons, It would have to be something to get you to work to the weapon's strengths and change your playstyle to accommodate both the upsides and downsides, rather than just embracing the upsides and tolerating the downsides. The direct hit, for example, fires faster projectiles but has a much smaller explosion radius, and both the upside and the downside encourage you to go for direct hits. The scout's only other method of longevity in a fight, other than reloading, is switching to another weapon when the scattergun is out of ammo, so I think the best downside to apply would be a weapon switch time penalty. With that imposed, you're much more encouraged to make use of the extra ammo loaded in the scattergun, and commit to hitting as many meatshots as you can, rather than resorting to pistol or melee to finish someone off. A minor damage penalty might also be suitable, so a scout using a non-weapon secondary/pistol doesn't retain a huge amount of firepower that he otherwise gives up by using those alternate items. It also further encourages you to commit to longer fights with your primary, since it could take another meatshot or two to kill stronger classes.

    So, with all that in mind, here's my dream weapon:

    The Long Haul (Scout primary)
    +33% ammo loaded
    30% longer weapon switch time
    -15% damage

    I was also thinking of imposing a penalty in reload speed, but I'm not sure how significantly that would impact the scout, who can just run away and find a safe place to reload whenever he wants. It would effectively just reduce the time he can spend in combat, which means the scout contributes less to the team and the player ends up spending more time waiting instead of fighting.

    Edit: I did a dumb, you can't take 25% of 6. Fixed.
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  5. KubeKing

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    I definitely like this idea! I experience just about the same problem. I would recommend a larger damage penalty, however, since the strong weapon switch buff could promote increased use of the secondary outside of the closer-quarters battles.
  6. Doktor Richter

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    Buff? Nonono, that's a weapon switch speed penalty, so you're encouraged to stick to your primary and use the extra ammo it has.

    I'm gonna go edit that to be more clear. It should probably read "30% longer weapon switch time".
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  7. Moonfixer

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    OK confession time: I wish they didn't remove the baby face's blaster's slightly increased accuracy compared to the stock scattergun. There. I feel better.
  8. KubeKing

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    Thanks for the clarification, Doktor Richter. That makes a lotta since. Now, to schedule an eye doctor appointment...
  9. Toomai

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    Supply Grenade
    Engineer secondary (throwable)
    Throws a charge that fills half of teammates' health and ammo
    Overheals health, overstocks ammo
    Costs 150 metal to deploy
    Basically, throw this into a fight to heal/refill your teammates. And if they're already healthy or stocked, it'll overheal both their health and their ammo. Gets you assists. Does nothing to enemies. Don't let it get reflected.

    Buildings destroyed while sapped damage enemies
    Only one sapper at once
    Put this on a building, and when the building explodes, it hurts its owner and anyone/anything else nearby.

    Final Diagnosis
    ÜberCharge grants invulnerability, crits, impairment immunity, and infinite ammo/clip
    -100% ÜberCharge rate
    Cannot build ÜberCharge on overhealed players
    Enemy team notified upon gaining full ÜberCharge
    All existing mediguns are on the faster/weaker side of the stock - this goes hard in the other direction.
  10. Moonfixer

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    Tactical Table setter
    Scout primary

    + 40% more accurate
    + 30% faster firing speed
    - 30% less damage
    - 34% smaller clip size
  11. radarhead

    aa radarhead Level 20 "Mapper"

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    Unnamed Spy Watch
    On Cloak: Instantly vanish, providing one second of complete immunity to all types of damage and removing all status effects
    +Can attack while cloaked
    -Attacking instantly removes and fully drains cloak
    -Charge only fills by damage done

    Le Denouement Spy knife
    On backstab: Halve enemy health
    +25% move speed while active
    -15% damage taken

    Unnamed spy sapper slot item
    Functions as a radar that allows the player to see the locations of nearby players and buildings while active.
    +1 health per second

    The Quick Draw Engineer pistol
    On draw: obtain three seconds of full crits
    +25% faster firing speed
    -25% clip size
    -15% reload speed
    Honor-Bound: Cannot holster this weapon until a kill is made

    Das Spritzenpistole Medic primary
    +50% more accurate
    +15% projectile speed
    -15% reload speed
    -2 health per second on wearer
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  12. Faux Rhinoceros

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    I'd actually be totally ok with it if they removed every single unlockable scout primary they've added so far. I've found myself thinking "fuck that" in response to every single one of them, the bfb and soda popper being the greatest offenders.

    I'd like the scout to have a primary that allows for more defensive play. Possibly a scattergun that encourages synergy with a medic. Something like this:

    +40% knockback on explosive jumping enemies
    -20% slower firing speed
    When healed by a medic, the medic charges 10% faster.
    When übered, über drains 40% slower.

    The benefits are subtle, but powerful. With the gimped firing speed, the scout isn't strong enough to be used as the designated über receiver. His presence will, however, add a lot of interesting things to the table. First of all, he'll be a great bodyguard, able to deter bombing enemies with the extra knockback. Secondly, he can be utilized to shake up the otherwise semi-static über mechanics by allowing a team to charge slightly faster when directing heals to the scout. When charging, the scout can be used to draw out the über, allowing you to push further into enemy territory with it in scenarios where the medic has been forced. As an example here, imagine a medic popping on a soldier, who dispatches an enemy heavy within 4 seconds. The medic could then switch over to the scout to have the remaining 4 seconds of über stretched out to 5.6 seconds, allowing them to move further in with it.

    it's 8 am and i'm rambling, but i'd like to see a gun like that. I'm tired of all this gimmicky shit they're giving the scootybooty
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  13. Zed

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    So here are some ideas I had a while ago.

    The Kneecapitator
    Level 37 Shotgun
    On hit: slows target for 1 second
    +40% more accurate

    -33% damage penalty
    -25% firing rate

    (Pyro exclusive)

    The Prognosis
    Level 24 Needle Gun
    When your most recent heal target dies, you gain revenge crits for every assist
    -25% damage penalty
    No random critical hits

    The Perfect Crime
    Level 10 PDA
    Buildings do not drop metal upon destruction

    The Soviet Stallion
    Level 82 Mini Gun
    Knockback on target and shooter
    +15% speed while deployed
    +25% faster spin-up time

    -25% firing rate
    -25% maximum ammo
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  14. Sheltr

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    New spy sapper:
    EMP (can't think of a good name) device:
    Saps all buildings in the affected area
    10 second wait time to put down another
    De-cloaks you and enemy's in the area
    Sapper has +10% more health
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  15. Shaeam

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    For better or worse here is a collection of my various ideas; I have quite alot of attributes that could be considered outside of the norm or exceptionally strange; such as the Slingsman... But I tried to explain things as best as I possibly could.

    Le Saboteur
    (Spy) Sapper​
    - Sapper converts the building after 6 seconds of 'sapping'; allowing the Spy's team to benefit from it. Does not disable the building's function while it is being sapped.​

    The Quick-draw
    (Engineer) Revolver (Secondary)​
    +15% faster deploy speed
    -15% damage penalty
    No random critical hits

    - Bullets may ricochet on hard surfaces, dealing 30% less damage if they come into contact with an enemy after the bounce.
    - This weapon takes it's stats from the Revolver base item, instead of the Pistol.​

    The Funeral Pyre
    (Pyro) Flamethrower​
    +50% increase in afterburn damage when enemy health health <25% of max
    +65% afterburn duration

    -15% damage penalty
    -25 max health on wearer

    The Putrid Shiv
    (Spy) Knife​
    - Backstabs will poison their targets, dealing periodic damage equal to 200% of their maximum health over 20 seconds. Additionally, if victims of this poison stand too close to allies; they'll be afflicted with a weaker variant of the poison that deals 80% of their maximum health over 16 seconds​

    The Trick Shot
    (Sniper) Sniper Rifle​
    +30% bonus damage
    Successful headshots will cause the next bodyshot to count as a critical hit

    Charging smoothly reduces damage dealt up to 65% (0.65% damage reduced for every 1% sniper charge)

    The Slingsman
    (Sniper) Slingshot (Secondary)​
    - Holding down left click will whirl the slingshot, increasing it's damage while decreasing it's accuracy. The Slingsman has unlimited pellets, however the pellets will travel across a very short distance in a steep arc. Meant to compliment the low-ammo Huntsman.

    0% charge damage: 33 - 29
    100% charge damage: 99 - 87​

    The Junkman
    (Engineer) Shotgun​
    The amount of scrap held by the Engineer will increase his damage up to 50% (0.25% damage increased for every 1 scrap)
    +6% additional ammo from ammo kits

    -25% sentry health

    The Scottish Pride
    (Demo) Sticky Launcher​
    +15% bonus damage
    -5 max pipebombs out
    - Shoots explosive mines that detonate when stepped on. These explosive mines cannot be manually detonated, however.
    - Mines are difficult to detect due to the small somewhat transparent model they'd have.​
  16. Muddy

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    I don't have much in the way of original ideas, but I really think the Backscratcher's stats should be changed. Rather than increasing the amount of health gained from pickups and decreasing the heal rate from Medics and dispensers, it should be the other way round. It is, after all, Team Fortress...
  17. Doktor Richter

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    Isn't that basically the shortstop?

    50:1 spread vs. 30:1 = 66% more accurate
    .36 attack interval vs. .625 = 73% faster firing speed
    12*4 base damage vs 10*6 = 25% less damage (scattergun has slightly higher ramp-up ceiling though).
    4 shots vs 6 = 33% smaller clip size
  18. Moonfixer

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    Yeah it is now that I think about it, minus the knock back and the healing bonus. I just thought it would be interesting to have another scout primary with more accuracy than the stock.
  19. Shogun

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    I like heavy primaries so here's a heavy primary (this could be lazer related, I don't know. I like lazer guns too)

    + No ammo
    + Holding down RMB spins down gun while filling magazine with ammo (aka you start at zero and every second or so you get +x amount of ammo)
    + Releasing RMB unleashes a barage of loaded ammo until empty
    + 20% faster firing rate
    + No movement speed penalty while spun down
    - 50% max ammo capacity (aka you can only have a max of 100 shots loaded at once)
    - Some sort of distinguishable noise while charging so people know when your charging shots around corners

    I forgot I also had some idea for a medigun that was specifically being an offensive medic and pocketting people

    + Charge meter is filled by damage dealt by healing target
    + Heal speed increases as meter fills to 100% faster
    + Overheal percentage increases as meter fills to 100% higher
    - 20% base heal rate
    - 20% base overheal rate
    - Activating charge fully heals target and healer, but resets heal rate
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  20. Ynders

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    Had a go at some interesting and gimmicky weapon ideas.

    Le Espion du Ceil
    Level X Spy Sapper
    +Allows the player to do a jump, as if with the rocket jumper, that sends them flying while taking no damage.
    15s recharge
    -Cannot sap buildings

    The Sapper Hacker
    Level X Engineer Secondary
    You stole a Sapper from a spy and "rewired" it.
    +Sapping repairs friendly buildings at a slow rate
    +Sapper does not disable friendly buildings

    -Cannot sap enemy buildings
    -Only one Sapper at a time

    TheRussian Rollerskates
    Level X Heavy Passive Primary
    +Movement speed slowly accumulates to that of an Engineer for walking forward
    +Slamming into an enemy at full speed does damage
    +50 health

    -"Slippery" movement;low friction.
    -Hitting an enemy or a wall removes your extra speed

    The Aussie Ascender/The Kiwi Climber
    Level X Bow & Arrows
    +Arrows have grappling hooks attached, keep your bow out to pull yourself towards the hook.
    Grappling hooks dissappear when you get close to them(So no sitting on a wall forever), and do not grapple players. Arrows fly in an arc, and move slower than Mannpower grapples. There is a minimum ~128 HU distance for the grapple to work.
    -25% Damage
    -50% Ammo Capacity

    The Healer's Saber
    Level X Medigun
    +25% Uber build rate
    +25% Healing Rate

    Medibeam shoots in a concentrated straight beam rather than a connected leash for ~128 HU before dissipating

    The Super Soaker
    Level X "Flame"thrower
    Sprays liquid in flamethrower range. Press reload a la Vaccinator to switch between Mad Milk and Jarate.
    +50% Ammo Capacity
    -100% Damage
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