Weapon Skin Pricing Concept

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Do you think this will help price weapon skins?

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    Hello everyone! I've made a document that could be able to set a standard for pricing skinned weapons (not war painted weapons). I'll link the document to the thread so you can see it and say what you think about it. In my opinion, this would make trading for unusual, strange, and spec/pro ks weapons the be priced and traded so much easier and faster, and all you need is a calculator program. Tell me what you think about the document below, we could shape the future of weapon skin prices! To tally up the price in dollars, take the lats two digits and add a period. That would be the price (unless there's a decimal number, then just round up.) To find the price in keys, input the value in dollars in Calculator.tf and there you go! Disclaimer: These would only be the starting prices, supply/demand are also factors

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