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    hey! here to say Hi like everyone else and to give you some insight into me as a Tf2 player. I prefer the non standard gameplay maps, or shall I say the maps that arent DM,CTF or CP. there's enough of this in other games. this is also why I like UT from occasion to occasion. mostly I have been playin Tf2 as my stress reliever fun all around game( what I used UT for). I like the maps like in the category of TC and PL. so anything payload and Hydro. Maps of choice are: PL_keepaway, TC_hydro, CP_Steel, PL_dustbowl and PL_Goldrush.

    Why I am here?! to make TF2 maps that I like. and to better understand Hammer. i have used the unreal editor a bit and built a map to 75% completion before the team I was building for disband.
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    Welcome to our little house on the web!