Ways to make a compile time load faster

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    Just need some info on making the compile time on my map load faster but not by running the map on fast.
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    • Except for making your map simpler, there is no way to make VBSP faster (but VBSP is pretty fast anyway)
    • VVIS can be significantly sped up by applying certain visibility optimization techniques
      • Note: Sacrificing in-game performance to speed up the VVIS compile process is usually a bad trade-off; If you have to choose between suboptimal in-game performance or long compile times, the long compile times are worth it
    • VRAD can be sped up by applying lightmap optimization; that is, increasing the lightmap scale to decrease the number of lighting sample points
      • Note that high lightmap scales can look weird, and should generally only be used on faces where lighting is largely uniform, such as roofs facing the sky