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    how could i create a little waterfall from a sort of hole that drop vertically? like a tube for water
    i tried a particle effect but the effect is very short and i need a tall water drop, i tried with a textured water with the shape but it's pretty ugly and the player could even swim in it even if it's really thin
  2. Gabe Noodle from Volvo

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    If none of the default effects work well, you van create or request a new one. And you should be able to turn off collision on water so the players can't climb it.
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    The water textures only work for a flat body of water that is contained, it won't work if you want to make a waterfall with it

    The best way to make a vertical stream of water is a brush with a scrolling texture on it, usually accompanied with some splash particles. A solid block tends to look too square and uniform so a displacement with a few random bumps would probably work better for what you want.

    Theres a recent discussion in this thread, EArkham explains the displacement method in very good detail