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    Warzone - Warzone

    started 12:04 PM PST, 7/22/2016
    ended 8:58 PM PST, 7/23/2016

    file is very large (200mb) with packed content.

    This is the first time submitting to TF2maps.net, and first time making a map, so if you have any pointers or criticism I'd especially love to hear em/it :) The map is a small KOTH map taking place in a town completely overrun by the two teams' military with the capture point being on a hill. Teams can get on the hill by climbing up the sides, or flanking through their cafe. From spawn, there are a couple ways to get to mid, and multiple spawn doors in the directions where players can go. There is a building blocking the incredibly strong sniper sightline that also gives a sniper a risky yet rewarding spot up upon the building. I'd like to see it playtested to see how it all pans out, though ideally this map is for fewer players.

    The assets used are stock TF2 assets, two Half-life 2 assets, and a whole bunch of things from the Frontline community resource pack, many thanks to them for providing great models and textures. http://frontline.tf

    Workshop version no longer requires frontline pack download, but if it doesn't work; http://frontline.tf/pack.html

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    It gets a little flat near the point, maybe have it raise up a small hill so the point is a bit higher? Not a bad start though!