Warning to anyone hosting a TF2 server.

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    Ban that Steam ID. Trust me.

    So far today my server has crashed twice. Everyone in the server's ping hit around 300-600 and then the server crashed.

    So about 20mins ago I had this foreign sounding guy come into my TF2 server earlier. Here's the chatlog from my console:

    404: User Not Found:  What the f**k
    I <3 pie :  what happend?
    404: User Not Found:  2nd time the server crashed
    404: User Not Found:  I dunno.
    I <3 pie :  hmm
    I <3 pie :  maby
    I <3 pie :  to many plugins
    404: User Not Found:  I think someones DDoSing the server
    Killerstar :  maby it was dos?
    I <3 pie :  -.-
    I <3 pie :  realy..
    404: User Not Found:  the guy who runs fragfestservers.com is on my friends list
    I <3 pie :  u know that one guy joins
    404: User Not Found:  im talking to him
    I <3 pie :  k
    Killerstar :  pie give your skype if you want protect you server
    I <3 pie :  -.-
    Killerstar :  that was dos attak?
    I <3 pie :  nope
    404: User Not Found:  iI dunno.
    I <3 pie :  rtd
    [RTD] I <3 pie rolled and was ignited.
    Killerstar :  Pie Will you give for me  you skype?
    I <3 pie :  well that one guys gets on
    I <3 pie :  and it crashes
    I <3 pie :  WHY
    Killerstar :  I dont now
    Killerstar :  I can protect you server from crash
    I <3 pie suicided.
    I <3 pie :  not my server..
    I <3 pie :  its thatdarnkids
    Killerstar :  thatdarnkid
    Killerstar :  give me you skype please
    404: User Not Found:  I dont use Skype
    404: User Not Found:  And my server host is taking care of it.
    Killerstar :  I want always on thise server and I wont rotect him
    I <3 pie :  what..?
    404: User Not Found:  *raises eyebrow*
    ] status
    # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state
    #  2 "Killerstar" STEAM_0:1:37076186 06:05 220 0 active
    #  3 "I <3 pie" <Steam ID removed> 06:01 84 0 active
    #  4 404: User Not Found <Steam ID removed> 04:29 65 0 active
    I <3 pie :  hmmm
    ] sm_kick Killerstar "Yeah, you're creepy, get the f**k out"
    [SM] Kicked Killerstar (Reason: "Yeah, you're creepy, get the f**k out")
    I <3 pie :  rofl
    ] sm_addban 0 "STEAM_0:1:37076186"
    [SM] Ban has been added.
    So as you can see, I banned him. Well....this happened about 5mins later:

    sdefve :  hello
    sdefve :  give me you skype)
    I <3 pie :  o.o
    sdefve :  I caan do not crash you server
    404: User Not Found:  oh my god.
    404: User Not Found:  what in the f**k
    ] status
    #  6 "I <3 pie" <Steam ID removed> 06:19 82 0 active
    #  9 404: User Not Found <Steam ID removed> 06:11 65 0 active
    # 12 "sdefve" STEAM_0:1:37076186 01:32 224 0 active
    I <3 pie :  he is back
    ] sm_kick sdefve "GET THE F**K OUT R****D"
    [SM] Kicked sdefve (Reason: "GET THE F**K OUT R****D")
    I <3 pie :  ROFL
    ] sm_addban 0 "STEAM_0:1:37076186"
    [SM] Ban has been added.
    He hasn't come back....yet. I have a sneaky suspicion this kid is DDoSing people servers, then tricking them into giving him their server details so he can steal the server or something alot stupider.

    My server hosts tech support has installed a metamod-based DDoS protection system on my server (I think they said Metamod), and when that Pie guy came back after the crash, and after I had restarted my server to let the protection take effect, he said he was noticeably less laggy.

    I'm just letting you guys know to watch out for this kid, ban his Steam ID from your servers, do whatever.
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    It has been pointed out to me on my other thread here: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1362370#post1362370

    That I incorrectly copied the guys Steam ID from the console.

    Regardless, having a server crash twice in one day and then having some blatantly foreign guy (not that there's anything wrong with being foreign) come in and start claiming he can "protect" your server from "dos" or act innocent and shocked, and then want your Skype.....well that's just f**king alarming.
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    anyways, i was gonna host a server that was like 24/7 badlands, class limits, etc... but my upload speed was deplorable (<3 time warner).
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    Yeah, ignore the thatdarnkid name.

    I seen someone using it on other gaming forums and was like "Hmm...I wanna be that darn kid!".

    I wanna change my username on AlliedMods.net :(
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    How about AlliedMotds? ;)
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    ....I don't get it.
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    ...Never heard of it.

    UPDATE: Well, my server's not crashed in awhile. Plus, having the guy who runs FragFestServers on my friends list helped. He's installed a dosattackfix thing on my server.

    I guess the ban has finally stuck on that Killerstar guy because I haven't seen him back on the server yet. I'm gonna try setting up a command like "sm_slay <his Steam ID>" and I'm gonna bind it to a key I hardly use, so I have like, an "Idiot-check" button that I can hit whenever I join the server.
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