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    - Yeah, I put a giant cloud in the middle of the map.
    I'll explain. The cloud makes life harder for attackers (especially snipers and soldiers), because it prevents them from killing defenders and destroying their buildings from one edge of the map to another.
    It may look like shit, but it works :)

    - I decided that map will be autamn decorated... ,
    so I changed lighting to more warm, yellow, but it still looks bad. My goal for now is to make gameplay as good as it is possible, so I'll start working for appearance later. Also added this giant signs, so I hope, players will not run in wrong direction after spawning anymore. Signs and the CLOUD (maybe) will be removed later. Spawnrooms were also changed for the same purpose.​
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    From the looks of the sky your map is set inside of the sun. Am I right?
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    That second screenshot... is that the middle ground? Looks very asymmetrical if so.

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