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walkable displacements in hammer

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by grazr, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. grazr

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    Having mapped for several years using hammer and it's predecessor's i havn't really been inclined to research anything new about it, as everything i currently know gets me by quite efficiently. Some of the newer mappers (and i am only embarresing myself infront of them) may already be aware of this function, having bumped into it whilst reading more up to date tutorials than i have.

    Anyway, boasting about my years of experience (that have come to little) aside. I discovered this neat little toggle button. I wont elaborate anymore as the image is quite self explanitory. (Also note, the fade prediction button for models, 4 buttons over to the right).


    Normally a mapper may never encounter/produce a situation where there is a displacement at such acute angles which a player is supposed to climb (as it normally looks terrible ugly) but for those who do..
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  2. TimeBomb

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    funny, I just saw this in hammer the other day, I had it's purpose exactly opposite of what it does, needless to say I've found the right answer
  3. Altaco

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    So basically, displacements at an angle greater than 45 degrees that the player can't walk up are shown in yellow? Sweet.
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