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    Here I am. Rookie Map builder with only an idea. This will be the post where I post my screenshots, and frustrations with building my first map. I guess I owe the backstory to the map in question.

    I live in a small town in western MD, USA. I was out walking my youngest around town, and realized it would make a great map for Team fortress. I walked around a few areas scanning the buildings, and surroundings for class balance. Basically the town revolves around an old train depot (The old Redland Brick Plant) C+O canal.. It meets all the requirements that I can see for playability. Streets for snipers to play in. Back alleys that twist, and turn for more CQ combat. Buildings that can be tweaked to be great sentry nests, as well as cover for rushing scouts.

    I'm making my first map a control point map with this idea in mind. The blue team will control City Hall. The red team will be the organized labor tired of the years of bad government and ready to over-throw the current government to fix the problems they have seen. ( Sound familiar?....blue=democrats...reds=conservatives...lol).

    At the current time I'm thinking the map will have 5 control points.

    1. Blue Base (City Hall)
    2. Fire House
    3. General Store (middle cap)
    4. Bar (Closer to the Red Brick Factory)
    5. Red Brick Base

    I have loads of ideas floating around in my head for this, so I hope they can come to life with the help of Hammer, and the great people cruising these forums.

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