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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by VidlerOnTheRoof, May 25, 2014.

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    Once again I am back at map making, remaking the only map I posted onto this website into a Saxton Hale map, possible Arena mode but I believe it will need more work before it gets to that point.

    The map has 4 towers with grates which when jumped on push you into the upper level of the tower, 4 shops that are mostly empty and have back storage area, 24 spawn point for Blu and Red team on opposite ends of the map and health and ammo packs scattered around the map.

    When I stop being lazy I will work on doing some finer detail, also I will have more screen shots soon.
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    There's a forum for non-standard maps here.
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    I don't get the jarring texture transitions. They're really ugly. You might want to find a way to separate the blue and red buildings instead of leaving them as one and just using adjacent textures to differentiate between them.
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    Yeah, you should probably make buildings like those neutral in color instead of having such a hard color transition.

    You don't even need to actually represent both team colors equally anyways, since everybody but Hale will be on the same team anyways.