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VSH VSH_Awesomebox1 2019-04-27

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Mar 29, 2019
VSH_Awesomebox1 - A modified conversion of Awesomebox11 for VSH/FF

I present, a heavily modified version of achievement_idle_awesomebox11 for VS Saxton Hale. Several changes have been made to make awesomebox suitable for Saxton Hale/FreakFortress

- Spawnrooms have been merged for Red team, texturing remains original
- The window panes separating the spawnrooms have been removed in favor of creating more space.
- Resupply Cabinets have been removed completely, either being replaced with nearby health and ammo packs, or removed to suit the gamemode.
- Spawning area has greatly increased area for players.
- Most of the idle conveyor belt has been walled off from access, the main idle area on the 2nd level can be reached through certain spots in the floor or dropping in through the idle chute like in the original awesomebox11.
- Walkway under spawn has been given increased area as well as a full health kit.
- Boxing Ring has been removed, in it's place is a control point.
- Control Point, by default with no tweaking by plugin, will unlock after two minutes.
- Saxton Hale will spawn on top of the train, above Red's spawning location.
- The train has nobuild rules in place to disallow engineers from creating nests at Hale's spawnpoint.
- Top and Second levels have been given massive increases to playing area, decreasing likelihodd of players walking off to their death accidentally.
- Should Hale fall off, instead of dying, he is teleported back to his spawn point. May suffer minor fall damage. This only applies to the Hale, it is instant death for Red team.
- Fall damage is disabled in all areas, but there may need to be a player trigger fall damage for this state to enable on round start.
- Added another Surf Ramp directly adjacent of the original surf ramp, for extra playing space.
- Removed invisible pathway to Skybox, as it serves no point in VSH and would only be a distraction at best.
- Removed secret teleport to map's 3D Skybox room, this would cause needless delaying in an area which the hale may not know how to access.
- Removed nobuild entity and safezone entity in Skybox.

In order for surf ramps to function properly, a side recommendation is to set sv_airaccelerate to 300 so the players can surf.