Vrad/vvis seem to be broken after latest updates

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Do you have any problems running vrad/vvis after the update?

  1. Nope, it's fine for me

  2. Yes, my maps come out fullbright

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    I'm not sure what happened with the latest updates. I've been searching fof the errors I'm getting here and I'm surprised noone has made any threads about it.

    Apparently this happend to multiple people, first reported for csgo hammer. The most werid thing is: it only affected a select few users.

    For example: it happened to a friend of mine after the first time the pyro update got live - my hammer was working normally.

    vvis launcher error: can't load vvis_dll.dll
    vrad_launcher error: can't load vrad_dll.dll The specified procedure could not be found.

    Today my TF2 got updated with the latest patch and now my hammer doesn't launch vrad.

    Valve Radiosity Simulator
    8 threads [Reading texlights from 'lights.rad']
    unknown light specifier type - lights

    This also happened to another guy. Not sure if I'm paranoid or doing something wrong, but this seriously drives me nuts.

    Things all of us tried to do:

    1. Verify game cache - doesn't work
    2. Point to a 2009/2013 SDK binaries - doesn't work
    3. Only by copying the entire /bin content from 2013 SDK folder did the trick, but thats stupid.

    Is anyone else having the same problem here?
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    The second error is to be expected. It's harmless. Valve just sucks at cleaning up their tools.

    As for the first, I suspect that it is a dependency error. Use a tool such as dependency walker to figure out which dll is importing a function that you don't have.
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    Look, i'm in a forum, the first reddit link (i am jota1111), i am complaining about the dll but I do not do TF2 maps, i do CS maps, i thought this was only happening in CS:GO SDK, now I have seen that on TF2 too, i want to compile my map but i can't! I hope Valve solves this problem ASAP, i can't stand it any longer. (sorry if my english is wrong, i am Brazilian, i am not fluent, if i am wrong, please correct me)