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VMTs? Glows? Need help.

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by 404UNF, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. 404UNF

    aa 404UNF SourceMod Plugin Dev

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    So lately I've gotten into reskinning. I've been using Photoshop CS5 Extended for the graphical aspect, and Notepad++ for the VMT related aspects.

    So far I've made 2 reskins;
    - Blue Fists of Steel (replaces the grey fists for the BLU team)
    - Gilded Machete/Kukri (I also converted the default w_machete.mdl file into w_gildedmachete.mdl for my server, for use with the Give Weapon plugin)

    I already know how to use $selfillum in a VMT, alongside adding white areas to the Alpha layer of a VTF file to make it glow somewhat, but I want to make a weapon reskin along the lines of an Energy Sword (eyelander reskin).

    What I want to do is make the blade look transparent, but have the hilt be solid. As well, I want to add a visible glow to just the blade area.

    Are there any other things I can place in the skins VMT file, similar to selfillum, that will create a visible glow?

    Also, I was looking at tf\materials\lights\Ibeam_light01.vmt, and saw "$selfillumtint" "[.46 .9 .77]".

    What are those numbers? RGB values? I punched them into MS Paint and the color was purple, yet the VMT is for a light source. Surely the light can't be purple.
  2. Ravidge

    aa Ravidge Grand Vizier

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    actual glowing is kinda impossible to my knowledge. There are no emissive materials like there are in Unreal.

    And that [.46 .9 .77] is not a rgb value. I'm sure someone will come along and explain it in detail soon enough.
  3. Exist

    Exist L6: Sharp Member

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    The values are colors according to the VDC

    $selfillumtint "[<red float> <green float> <blue float>]"
    Adjusts the colour of the self-illumination effect. Default value is "[1 1 1]".

    Read up here-

    Now on the question of creating a glow effect, your best bet might be using a particle field, as that's how VALVe achieves the glow crits have.
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  4. 404UNF

    aa 404UNF SourceMod Plugin Dev

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    Ahhh...I'll check that link out for sure.

    But for now, I guess I'll stick with using $selfillum, and fiddling with the $selfillumtint.

    Thanks guys :D
  5. Sgt Frag

    Sgt Frag L14: Epic Member

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    .46 .9 .77

    you might've typed it in wrong, it wouldn't be purple with almost 100& green in it, more likely yellow.
    purple would be

    .46 .0 .77
  6. Pocket

    aa Pocket func_croc

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    Yeah, .46 .09 .77 is purple.