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Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by Rock, Jan 30, 2008.

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    A suggestion to all of you map makers showing these very nice WIPs - as an admin for clan, I can't possibly download every map to have a look-see at it.

    If you would like some feedback on your map, I would HIGHLY suggest that when you post your WIPs, post an IP or server name (preferred) where the map can be seen.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. drp

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    you need to also keep in mind, that while there are playable versions of WIP maps, many dont. many that are posted are not even in their alpha stage.
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    I usually don't post WIP of maps until they are in beta testing ready stages. Why show off a bunch of things that are either untextured or broken or missing, or going to get removed to do performance/gameplay issues?

    I understand how mappers want to try to "hype" their map by showing a bunch of screenshots after the first compile, but its better to have a working product before demonstration. Also, i understand that many mappers might want direction of where to go with their map in the early stages of development, but this just shows a general sense of no direction of where the mapper wants to go with their map. One should have a clear cut idea of how the map should look and play before starting to map it out, then get a working product or prototype of the map working before showing it off. That way you can get clear feedback of what to do and what should be adjusted because those evaluating the map can get a clear idea of what needs improvement.
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    I generally have a good direction to go in on any map I work on, but sometimes it's still beneficial to get a second opinion. The reason I've started a WIP thread for my map is simply because I need the motivation to keep working on it. Putting screenshots up for others and giving myself a place to discuss my progress keeps me interested in continuing my work, as well as ask specific questions if I run into problems.

    When I do actually get my current map to a playable state and onto some servers I'll certainly provide the necessary info that will allow the community here to connect and check it out.
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    I just like looking at pretty screenshots, and figured most others do too.
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