CTF Vertigothing a6

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Jan 20, 2019
After few months I decided to remake this map from the ground. What have changed? I remade whole intel area with a Chin's CTF formula in mind (basically, its easy to get to the intel room, but hard to escape from it). Previous version had veeery bad flowing, so now I made it into 2 main routes - First, leads directly to the intel room and second, prevents enemy from going to your intel room (defs get there faster than attackers, so they have some advantage at the meeting point). Shortly, I added new cool areas and removed old bad areas (as well as remade Mid)

What are new features of the map?
- Fall Scream
- Fast rotations
- More 300iq plays
- Cool custom skybox by FloofCollie (tyvm)

Снимок экрана (673).png

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Jan 20, 2019
ok in new de_vertigo update we changed mid to be more closed and less big
Снимок экрана (705).png

we also added changed some texture to be team colored so you could know where you are and on what side
Снимок экрана (704).png

changed ramp route to be less big
Снимок экрана (707).png

we also added a new doorway from intel, so now you have less dangerous route
Снимок экрана (706).png

also added helicopter (+6mb file size thank you frontline very cool)
Снимок экрана (708).png

Also added new spawn exit so dont be mad this time

I also want to sleep this is 2am

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Jan 20, 2019
Previous version wasnt really that good, so I bring some things back as well as added few (maybe) good features and fixes

Ramp route always was a problem. In previous versions I decided to make it as attackers route, but tbh it lead to the same area (and was kinda longer). In this update I bring back old design, but added few extra things to make it not suck. What's new?

- Added shorter prop ramp way to upper area
- Added some detailing building to reduce empty space
- Added metal grate platform, so landing from intel to ramp area now much easier

this is the only big feature in this update tbh, but I have some other to show you

I also added metal grate platfrom to the intel room, as well as made escape doorway bigger

And small thing here: removed annoying beam

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Jan 20, 2019
The Engineer Update Change Log (I Like Capitals)

We once again changed ramp route. Added a new jumping escape route as well as blocked half the room
20200209131713_1.jpg 20200209131650_1.jpg 20200209131913_1.jpg

I saw Engineers really liked that room (the one which goes after upstairs room), so I decided to add some "pocket" here, so they could build something here or get some metal. You can call it "pocket", "rats" or "badger" room

Also changed this prop jump in coridors to jumping ramp (as well as moved pickups)

Intel room got changes too. I removed second "ballpit" window
20200209131702_1.jpg 20200209131746_1.jpg

And the last one:
I changed some bits in mid, so blocked sightlines and made it feel less cramped

Good Luck and Have fun playing this!