Texture Verde Textures 2018-08-02

the textures for cp_verde

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    Verde Textures - the textures for cp_verde

    Here are the textures (the main assets) I made for my map cp_verde that I essentially abandoned. I did some cool visuals for the map but I was not caring for it after working it into beta back in like 2015. These pair greatly with sawmill assets and the custom Swamp pack.

    Includes main materials, overlays, skybox (not that great looking), and skycards. Some other textures i used in the map for really cheap forestry applied to displacements, so those are pretty situational as far as usefulness. There are also airplane textures that I never ended up using simply because the airplane flying over the map ended up being cheap brushwork, but these might still find some use.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]