PL Verborgen A5

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May 27, 2017
Verborgen - Hidden

A new payload map with a small outpost based in a, as the title suggests, hidden part of a forest.
May 27, 2017
  • Added doors to flanks that should not be open until later in the game
  • Reworked some flanks looking over B
  • Reworked forward spawns to be pushed back one to avoid blue rolls
  • Added a door which closes off a flank to D, giving red engies less of a nightmare to deal with
  • Added a teleporter to Red's forward spawn which takes you back to their lasts
  • Reworked some sightlines
  • Reworked C to allow for more areas to set up sentries and defend from
  • Reworked a little bit on last to allow for better sentry nests and areas to defend from
  • Reworked Blue's third forward into a flank route to C
  • Other tweaks here and there

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May 27, 2017
  • Removed a rock near A which was causing players to get stuck
  • Changed a flank route around last
  • Changed a flank around C to not allow Blue a free bit of height over C
  • Changed the position of the large ammo on A
  • Changed the window models to avoid confusion with glass and no glass
  • Adjusted cover around C to avoid massive sniper killzones
  • Adjusted spawn times for last
  • Adjusted the timer not to be 10 minutes to defend last
  • Added a ramp in Red's final spawn to allow easier and quicker access to the right exit
  • Added a shack to C for allow for forward holding
  • Reworked B to give Red more of a chance of defending
  • Fixed a clipping issue on last

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a survivor with too much paint
Feb 7, 2008
A - feels like badwater where there's a middle high ground you need to control to win, except its also not easy for red to access. unless they use an awkward one-way door? its weird. i don't get it. it doesnt take a lot to clear red out of that high ground (unlike badwater) and once its lost then red is basically done defending, even if the cart hasn't been pushed very far at all

B - first half is a lost cause for red, possibly because A also rolls fairly easily. red spawns kind of to the side of the point and the whole defense around that area is very strange. i spent my entire time as a red demo just walking out of spawn and spamming a single window without actually ever having to leave that room. only threat i had to deal with was soldiers constantly bombing that room

C - never defended or attacked this. it always just rolled before i got there

D - probably the strongest point of them all. however i think its a weird mix between badwater-style and upward style in a way that doesn't quite work - blue has a relatively easy time to get into last, but the amount they actually have to push the cart is short. upward is hard and short, badwater is easy-ish and long. i dont think there's any good way to break that relationship and still have a last that's fun to play. also blue was able to camp our spawn by just sorta walking around last
May 27, 2017

  • Adjusted spawn times to allow better defence
  • Adjusted the distance Blue have to push the cart at D by 128HU
  • Adjusted the max timer to 8 minutes
  • Adjusted the position of B's cap to be back slightly to encourage C defence

  • Changed Red's forward spawn logic to, when B is capped, open the doors up and disable the RScabinet

  • Removed a Red spawn exit to avoid Blue spawncamping by avoiding all combat in the area
  • Removed the one way door at A and changed it to a flank route for Red to get up to the highground

  • Added a rollback to B
  • Added clips to wooden stairs models
  • Added cover on the approach to C from B

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May 27, 2017

  • Adjusted the height of the water around A
  • Adjusted Blue spawn time after A is captured
  • Adjusted the length of the ramp at last
  • Adjusted the height of the water on A
  • Adjusted Red spawn time after B is captured
  • Adjusted the bridge width at C/D
  • Adjusted the layout at A to remove a horrid sightline (I removed the cover, leaving snipers exposed if they wish to use the area)
  • Adjusted health and ammo sizes in areas of the map
  • Adjusted the position of A's cap
  • Adjusted the size of a doorway around C to allow spies easier access
  • Adjusted the height of Red's high ground at B
  • Adjusted A's buildings to make for a better defence
  • Adjusted skybox brushes to increase performance (hopefully lol)

  • Added a trigger to the waterfall on last that exstinguishes players
  • Added an exit back to last
  • Added a small ammo pack to D
  • Added nobuild triggers to the water near D
  • Added stairs to C as an alternative route onto the highground

  • Fixed respawn vis not disabling at Red's forward when A is captured
  • Fixed a sightline from B to C

  • Removed a medium health pack on B

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Feb 8, 2016
I was browsing through some maps and I stumbled upon verborgen. When I played it a few years ago I remember that I had a blast. You should continue working on this map for sure. It's worth it imo
May 27, 2017
I have terrible news, I'm making a V2 of this map because I took one look at the brushwork and died a little inside.