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Varying geometry for payload tracks?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by oolibokee, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. oolibokee

    oolibokee L1: Registered

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    I am trying to make a payload track with a curved, ascending path, like a spiral. I want a radius that is larger than the 256 HU props in ABS's pack. Hoping to tap into the vast knowledge base that is

    Are there more props somewhere else that I can use?


    (gulp) will I have to make the tracks myself?

  2. Tarry H Sruman

    Tarry H Sruman Large Orphanage Proprietor

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    There are not spiral tracks as far as I am aware, maybe someone made some at some point though.
  3. xzzy

    aa xzzy

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    Modifying the existing rails into a spiral would not be the most complicated modeling ever done for TF2.. get yourself a copy of Blender, dig up the tutorials for exporting and importing, and learn something new.

    Do a whole bunch of new configurations and release an asset pack, mappers everywhere would worship you.
  4. grazr

    aa grazr Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle

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    You could easily do this with a displacement track (for reference see the track that runs through the centre of badlands). Simply curve the track and then lift it on the z axis at one end. Then use the individual track planks (not sure if these are official or custom???).

    If you don't want to do this via fiddly trial and error (that will probably require use of some reference arch brushwork), you'll have to ask someone to model this for you. If you can't, then the displacement track is probably your only option short of learning to model, yourself.
  5. Pocket

    aa Pocket Ya like Jazz?

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    I recommend having whatever map you plan to use this in thoroughly alpha-tested, though; no one wants to have to go back in and redo several props to match changes in layout they discovered they had to make.
  6. Draco18s

    Draco18s L9: Fashionable Member

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    *Checks* holy cow. How'd they edit that displacement?

    I've got a couple like that (prop based) in a map I'm working on. If it's a high enough ascension, it looks like ass, as the ends won't line up:


    Pretty sure they're official.
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