Variable Intel Locations?

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    I have been asked for my map (by players) to rotate the Intel location around the maps to make things a little less predictable. Is there any way of doing this? I don't think there is.

    Map current payload set up:
    > Disable Cart
    > activate key for the locked gate

    > Take key to gate - open gate / kill gatekey entity.

    On DropKey > timer countdown starts ticking on zero it returns back to it's starting location.

    I have never seen any other type of set up drop/return back to same location.

    Or another possible way round 1 key starts location A, Round 2 Key starts at location B, Round 3 Key starts location C. Could this be done also - probably not.

    I'm also thinking of just saying no to this request as I think the entity count would be increased and as always, I'm already puishing the limits.
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    It is possible to spawn items at different locations - you need to use a point_template and a number of env_entity_makers - one for each location you want the intel to spawn in. The pumpkin bombs in Manor use these so I cannot see why this should not work with the intel.

    I'm sure that it returns to it's initial spawn point. In my curent map I have 1 intel - but two hold points. If the red team has the intel at their hold point and then blue grabs it but drops it before they get it to their hold area then the intel returns to the red hold area. It's original spawn - at map start - is a 3rd location. I kill the intel and then respawn it at the hold area when a team gets it there (hope this makes sense).

    Valve info here -

    But then maybe I've misunderstood what you're trying to achieve.
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