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    After the recent success of the TF2 community in organizing questions regarding competitive matchmaking to be presented to Valve in a visit by exTV crew members, I thought I might as well compile a similar list but with a broader purpose. If you have any particular question you would like presented to Valve in the future, please post it in the comments below, and I will try to regularly bring it into the list below. If you are visiting Valve/contacting Valve employees in the near future, please consider consulting this list and reporting back on what you learned.

    The List (Last edit- 1 May 2015):
    • Some people have taken a doom and gloom approach to the reveal of Blizzard's new game Overwatch, believing it will replace TF2 due to some of the similarities between the two games. How do you respond to such claims?
    • Why exactly was the map cp_snowplow cut from the End of the Line Update, and would Valve ever consider adding the map to TF2 at a later date?

    I'm always looking for better-worded questions, so if you would like to make an edit, please describe it below.
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    Some people have taken a doom and gloom approach to the reveal of Overwatch, believing it will replace tf2. How do you respond to such claims?
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    Why WAS snowplow too advanced for new players?

    That's not a joke, I'm serious.
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    Well, I would assume it's because:
    1. The train is highlighted like a payload cart, so people playing the map for the first time assume it's the objective. As a result, people take a while to realize that they have to capture points instead. It's counter intuitive.
    2. The train health meter makes it seem like the defending team has to destroy the train themselves, rather than wait for the trap to drop.
    3. The map has some paths that wind around quite a bit. This gets especially disorientating around the forward spawns.
    Keep in mind that they're referring to first time players of the map, not players new to the game. Even in a map like Steel, which is widely regarded as one of the more confusing maps in the game's roster, the basic objective is immediately apparent.
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    I think the obvious question would be why Valve isn't buying any community maps. When zpqrei visited Valve last summer he was told that Valve was going to add a map workshop and wanted to start buying a lot more community maps.
    Since that post Valve hasn't bought a single community map and rejected a map made for them for a community update. I would like to know why Valve isn't buying maps, when the map workshop is coming, and what they are looking for in community maps they make official.

    Also another obvious question would be is TF2 going to be ported to Source 2.

    Both points 1 and 2 could of easily been addressed by an announcer voice line. Right before the match starts for Blu it could of been something like "The enemy has built traps to destroy our trains. Capture the control points to allow our train to proceed" and for Red it could of been "We have built traps to destroy the enemy train. Defend the control points to allow our traps to destroy."

    Honestly I didn't find the map to be that confusing either, it's pretty linear.
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    Since we didn't get the voice lines, we looked for alternatives.

    The alternatives didn't work out, so we went with what we had. The music and old MvM lines.
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