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    Well, it's about time I posted my first map. I actually started on it back in September, when Alpine was new and exciting, but due to a combination of discouragement, ineptitude, procrastination, and lack of time, I never got much done on it until the past few weeks.

    Anyway, it's here now for public criticism.

    -5 CP
    -Next to no optimization
    -Rather ugly
    -Likely multiple balance issues
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    Well welcome, also your building need windows and they need a bit of varation bit 2 samey.

    But its a good start, lots of work to be done but hey same can be said about me map :)
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    So, here are the impressions I got from gameday comments.

    Too damn big
    I initially intended to make the map smaller, but I worried that would put CPs too close together. However, it seems long travel times were a major issue as well. Hopefully some additional direction signage can alleviate that, but for now, I'll compare the travel times to those on the stock maps.

    As for breaking up the map, what were some of the worst sniper spots?

    Too defensive
    The 2nd and 4th points seemed to change hands often enough, but the middle and end CPs were just turtle-fests. For the middle point, someone suggested opening up a high ground of some sort. I'll try tweaking the upper level and see how it goes.

    The last point has a few issues. The long narrow tunnel doesn't offer the attackers much of an advantage, as defenders can build up in the exit building, and snipers can simply hang out at the end. I'll change it so there's more turns and a space for the attackers to build in. A couple people suggested opening up the side path and making the "no-entry" gate a one-way gate for the attackers, so I'll try that.

    Other points
    -An overall theme for the map will help. I wanted to flesh out the geometry a bit more first, but I'll keep it in mind.
    -It's not clear that the forwardmost spawn room cannot be re-entered. This will be rectified in the next version.
    -On a similar note, several people were trying to get through the large bay windows overlooking the final CP hill. However, I'm not sure whether I should make it more obvious that they are windows, reduce or eliminate the visibility altogether, or open them up as routes/sniper options (unlikely given the current issue of sniper-friendliness).
    -More ammo packs for engineers near the CPs.
    -The crappy displacement boulders were using an HL2 texture. This has been fixed.
    -engoldin said something about forward-facing resupplies. I'm not quite sure what he was getting at, or whether he was referring to the rooms or the cabinets, so a little explanation might help.

    Thanks to everyone at gameday for the feedback, and please let me know if I've missed anything.
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    you pretty much got the technical side of the comments covered. my only adition would be concerning the size of the map. im sure you know this, but jsut rememebr to explor all the possible solutions below:

    • review your forward spawn locations
    • cut your map into rounds [if you want to keep it symmetrical then perhaps a linear TC is more fitting].
    • simply slice the ends off

    besides the technical aspect. the most important thing is to get your theme down. it will help to cut options down on any design decision.

    if it is alpine in terms of easthetics, what is it WITHIN the alpine theme that your map is? how do you justify the cliffs on either end [which i like].

    is it a mountain slope between 2 cliff edges? with cottages [reds look] and safety stations/facilities [blus look] on the way?

    maybe blu and red have placed hiden spy bases within a crevasse in the ice sheets?

    i like the layout. its original in having these wall to wall buildings placed along a line. gives a control for forward lines.
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    I don't have a lot of things to say, cuz I see that you already know everything. :) For me, it was just too big, too sniper friendly and the travel times were too long.

    I also found 2 bugs:

    A hole in the ceiling:


    And this just seems a bit weird:


    Anyway you are doing a great job for a first map and I'm looking forward to the next version! :D
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