Utilizing the IRC bot to help automate an Automated TF2maps twitter account

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    So as many of you who have been following me on twitter or sat in the steam chat know, i've for the last few days been setting up an automated twitter bot for this website.

    Here is it's url: https://twitter.com/tf2maps_updates it's still under development as you can tell by the random spam

    As of right now, it does the following, powered through IFTTT:

    • A "Map of the Day" feature, this is something my phone executes. Basically my phone will query the resource images section of the website, and once it finds a valid image, it will upload it with the title included.

    However there are more things to come of it, and I have a request that can't be done without assistance.

    One of the features that IFTTT provides, is the "Maker" Channel. This provides the ability to make a post/get web request to a URL, with a JSON body along side it, and activate events using it. As of right now I use this to power the MOTD.

    I would like it to tweet out steam event notifications from the group

    Apparently the IRC bot has the ability to intercept the steam group's event notifications, if I gave the necessary information, could it be possible that it relays the information to a specific URL with a JSON body? Here's a url better explaining it, https://maker.ifttt.com/use/xxx and if this is possible i'll happily give the proper key, and event name.

    I've posted this in the site requests fourm, as I understand everything is very busy right now with the update, and I can keep this for later reference, also i'm open to adding extra features for anyone who has requests.
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