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    My first published map, a standard 5 point push cp map. I've had this sitting around on my computer without any major changes for several months, so I figure it's way past time to post a first version. Textures are mainly placeholders, so expect some alignment issues and some dev textures, some of the edges have no (visible) brushes where you fall to your death, and I think the train may still be a brush instead of a model.
    The battle starts in the historic center of town, pushes out to the construction zone, and ends with a conflict on top of high-rise buildings to take control of the helipad.

    Full screenshot gallery

    So here are my major concerns about the map that I'm looking for feedback on:

    • The train tracks over the center point may provide too much of an advantage to anyone attacking the point
    • Train gives no visual warning and little audio warning before appearing (might help make the tracks a more balanced option?)
    • The yard between second and mid is rather large, even after shrinking it several times. (Can short respawn times make up for long walks to the point?)
    • The slanted warehouse roof may cause too much of an uphill battle going to last point
    • There seems to be little reason for the pushing team to use the rooftop path to the last point because it is both longer and more dangerous (pyros, passing by defending spawn)
    • The last point is pretty unconventional; the defending team spawn location is pretty unorthodox and the cap time is very long compared to typical final points.
    • Some paths may be somewhat extraneous (sewers, fireplace house)
    • Not enough displacements?
    • Metal and healthpack placements, cap times, and respawn times have not been tested thoroughly.

    Also, is there any way to 'guide' nav mesh creation with brushes in Hammer? Currently, bots tend to get stuck en masse in a couple places, which makes it hard to do any significant solo testing.

    Thanks to ABS for the gametype library, and all contributors to the TF2maps Construction pack.
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    It's messy, lots of stange brushwork and textures.
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    Those large buildings provide too much of a vantage point, meaning Snipers will absolutely dominate; In the fourth screenshot, the buildings closest to the point of view provide a direct line of sight to two control points simultaneously.
    Allowing players to see this much of the map at once also make optimisation much harder.

    On the other hand, this map looks interesting for reasons I can't really put my finger on.

    Here is a list of commands you can use to clean up the navigation mesh. Bots sometimes get stuck trying to pass through temporarily locked doors and such though, and there's little you can do to stop that.
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    I can tell you why it interest you, its the nostalgia, this reminds me of TFC (all the good parts), and I hope this goes all the way to the top. on another note, I agree that you should add more transition areas, or snipers and demoknights WILL rule, I know from experience.