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    Focus on what's up!
    King Of The Hill map that i made on 2018/2019, i love tf2, so i decided to make a map for it!
    This is a test map only, i will add details and other things later, that's why it is all dev textures, if you see any errors or want to help me with suggestions, contact me on discord:
    Angel Dust#1244
    or on Steam(Friend Code):
    202450649 (or search woobiewhy)
    or you can use here to discuss the map
    Map name: koth_uppoint.bsp
    Printes of the map: (i know the pillar is not aligned, i will fix that)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If you want your map to be tested, make sure to only upload a BSP file. ZIP files can not be uploaded on a server. Don't bother with a NAV file unless it's required to play the map. (MVM and halloween maps require NAV files.)

    Also, the BSP filename needs to end with a version string, like _a1, _b7, _rc2. a stands for alpha, b for beta and rc for relesae candidate. If you don't include a version string, server hosts will refuse to play the map.
    The reason for this is that the game can't override a map when downloading it from a server. So if your map is called koth_uppoint, you test it, you update it, and it's still called koth_uppoint, anybody who played it the first time won't be able to play it again because they already have a map called koth_uppoint on their computer.
    When renaming a map, make sure to only rename the VMF since some things in the BSP depend on the filename. Renaming a BSP breaks these things. It's weird, but that's just how it be.

    To get a map playtested, add it to the TF2Maps Bot by joining the TF2Maps Discord server and typing "!add mapname downloadlink" in the bot channel. The map will be played exactly once after that. Feedback and demo recording can be found on the feedback site, linked to at the top.

    Side notes:
    There's no point making a screenshot from both sides of the map if it's literally the same thing. It could be interesting when a map is finished, since the detailing would probably be different, but right now it's just a waste of time.
    Don't bother with the steam workshop until the map is done. People only care about a finished map there.

    Now let's get to the actual map:
    I'm sorry but Oh My God. You need to work on a lot of things. Individual areas of the map are too large, and the connections between areas are lacking. Each area of the map is too flat and has almost no options for cover. Imagine playing pyro on this. Nobody is gonna play pyro here.
    Spawnrooms should always have at least 2 exits to prevent spawn camping. Actually think about the placement of these exits. Don't put them right next to each other because that is still easy to spawncamp. Don't spread them out too far because that could get confusing.
    Having both spawnrooms this close means there is gonna be a lot of spawncamping. The large health packs make this even worse.
    The two giant ramps aren't good. It won't be fun fighting on these ramps.
    The control point area is incredibly boring. The capture zone is tiny. Several health packs right next to the point mean that whichever team is holding the point will be unkillable.
    This is less important, but imagine trying to detail this map. That means, using real textures and creating a believable environment. This is gonna be really difficult for a layout like this.
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