Unofficial Contest: Territorial Domination! ($600+ in prizes)

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Another Bad Pun

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Jan 15, 2011
There comes a time in a TF2 mapper’s life where one asks themselves a profound personal question: why haven’t I made a Territorial Control map yet? Well, now's your incentive to live out this dream (or nightmare)!



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1. Your map must be Territorial Control (TC), Territorial Control Domination (TCDOM), or a variant of the two

2. Your map must be an original work created for this contest: no alterations to existing maps or maps started before this contest

3. Your map must function independently without server plugins or external commands

4. Anyone may enter, though judges, contest organizers, and those otherwise involved directly in judging cannot win any prizes or place in the top 3

5. Limit two entries per person

  • Only contributing unique map geometry counts as a collaboration. You may contribute to more than two maps via custom content or logic work, as this will not count as collaborating on the map.
6. No MvM maps.



First place: $300

Second place: $200

Third place: $100

Prize money will be distributed via PayPal. In the case that PayPal does not operate in your country, an alternative avenue of payment can be discussed.



Scoring rubric: Total of 100 points possible
  • 30 - Fun Objectives: Are the objectives fun to fight for and/or around?
  • 30 - Map Balance: Are the different elements of your map balanced appropriately?
  • 20 - Readability: Is the map’s concept and/or layout intuitive to understand?
  • 20 - Routing and Flow: Does the routing and flow of the map properly accommodate gameplay?

BONUS POINTS: Total of 10 bonus points possible
  • 5 - Detailing
  • 5 - Innovation / Uniqueness

Your Judges:
Another Bad Pun

If you are interested in being a judge, contact me on Discord (abp#3425) or on!



The contest starts… NOW! RIGHT NOW!
The contest ends March 1st, 2023, at 11:59pm (GMT).

An upload thread will be created about a week before the deadline.

You will be given a 48-hour grace period after the deadline to fix any game-breaking bugs.

If you discover a bug with your final submitted version after or during this time, you may request that an older version of the map be used in judging instead.


The Gamemodes


For a map to classify as TC / TCDOM for the purposes of this contest, it must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Teams must be randomly assigned one or more control points/objectives to attack/defend
    • In multiround-maps (like Hydro), final rounds do not have to follow this requirement
  • Teams must own all control points/objectives in the map simultaneously to win the match
    • In the event a map's timer runs out, whichever team currently owns the most objectives may also win
For clarification on other TC and DOM variants, see the FAQ at the end of this post.

Here are some links to valid gamemode logic setups:





Can I do regular Domination (like Standin)?

No. In Standin-like Domination, the match starts with all objectives neutral and never randomly assigns them, which fails the first requirement for being classified as a TC-like listed above. If you modify the mode to meet that requirement, go for it!

Can I do timer-based Domination, where owning more points makes your timer tick down faster, and you win when you run your clock reaches zero? Or point-based Domination, where owning control points scores you points faster, and you win when your points reach a certain threshold?

No. In those modes, teams can win without simultaneously owning all objectives, which fails the second requirement for being classified as a TC-like listed above. If you modify the mode to meet that requirement, go for it!

Are collaborations allowed?

Yes, though you are limited to two entries for geometry work in Hammer per person.

Can I do a hybrid version of TC, like CTFTC/ICTFTC/ArenaTC/TOWTC/KoTC?

Yes! Any variants that can reasonably be argued as TC, while still following the specifications outlined, are permitted. Here are some examples:

  • CTFTC (like Meridian) has the same round structure as Hydro, and ends when one team has captured all of the enemy's objectives (flags) simultaneously
  • KoTC (King of Territory Control) selects random spawns and points to fight over each round, and ends when one team has captured all the points in the map
  • ToWTC (Tug of War TC) has the same round structure as Hydro, and ends when one team has captured all the objectives (payload capture points) simultaneously


I am excited to see the entries!
Special thanks to @MystycCheez for donating a large portion of the prize money for this contest! If you too are interested in donating to the contest prize pool, contact me (abp#3425)!
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Jul 30, 2021
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