Unofficial Contest: MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest [UPLOADS]

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Server Staff
Dec 10, 2020

Original Contest Thread

Now that we're approaching the (extended) contest deadline of September 15th (midnight GMT), I am opening up submissions here.


Please post a link in this thread in the following format:

Map Name:
Custom Mechanic(s):
Extra Info (optional):

Submission example:

Map Name: SpookyMap
Gamemode: Payload
Custom Mechanic(s): Whenever a point is capped, exploding skeletons jump out of the cart and chase everyone

Contributors: MC_Labs15, ScaryHarry666
Extra Info: Feedback rounds can crash the server because the skeletons explode too hard


Submission Rules:

See the Original Contest Thread for the full contest rules.

1. All maps must be submitted in this thread before the deadline (September 15th, midnight GMT). Submissions posted after this point will not be considered for contest placement.

2. After the deadline has passed, there will be a 24 hour grace period within which maps that have been submitted can be updated to fix any bugs or outstanding issues.

3. After the grace period has ended, no more updates will be allowed until after the contest results have been published.

Good luck!


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Jul 28, 2012
Map Name: Ares
Gamemode: Player Destruction
Link: Custom Mechanic(s): Changing mid layout, Underworld, Random effect potions, Prophunt minigame.
Contributors: Aulli
Extra Info:
one of the potion effects is batallion's backup, which for some reason doesn't show the particles in first person nor the icon on the hud nowadays.
every 32~ seconds after the first mid flip a random event occurs with some slight weighting to make sure one doesn't happen too often, there's only two and I think I'll probably keep it that way; underworld, and potions.
I plan to have a custom announcer at some point if/when this is finished, which will announce things like the random events, instead of the ambiguous sound queues.

Ares is the Greek god of War, Courage and Bloodlust, sometimes refered to as the Spirit of battle.
Using the greek assets made for it, I decided I'd echo the naming scheme of the original Hades, naming it after a Greek god, and I figured Ares would be the best fit for such.

I feel pretty satisfied with the layout for now, so I'll probably be spending a lot of the remaining time just giving it some detail.

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the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Sep 10, 2016
Map Name: Tiftid Lava 2
Gamemode: King of the Hill
Custom Mechanic(s): Bouncy Lava

Contributors: Just me :D
Extra Info: The skybox is from FPSBanana. If you go to the download page you can find a link to it. Since it was released almost 14 years before this contest started, I don't need to put the creator as a contributor.
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Mess About

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Jan 16, 2017
Map name: Spookery
Game mode: koth
Link: koth_spookery_a8
Custom Mechanic(s):
- friendly ghost that heal & resupply your team (same as a payload cart), and scare the enemy team
- pumpkin bombs that deal less damage than Valve's, allow you to do cool jump
- underworld that is a portal maze, find the right door and escape before the whole place explode, also avoid skeletons raining from above
Contributors: just me
Extra info:
- the map has embed.nav file for the skeletons
- skybox is sky_night_02 from Swamp theme pack


I'm sorry Mario, your logic is in another instance
Server Staff
Oct 9, 2021
Map Name: Vacuum
Gamemode: Special Delivery Hybrid ("Double-SD")
Link: sd_vacuum_a7
Custom Mechanic(s):
  • Vacuum area that gives you a speedboost, low gravity, and constant damage, making it a high-risk-high-reward flanking opportunity
  • Custom Special Delivery logic and administrator voicelines featuring two lifts and two Australiums
  • Cthulhu
Contributors: Brokk and Muddy
Extra Info (optional):
  • Please restart the server before playtesting, otherwise the skybox may show up as completely black. This is a particle issue. Other than that, the map will play fine, though.


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Mar 13, 2021
Putting this here before I forget!

Map Name: Soul Pit
Game Mode: Robot Destruction
Link: Click here!

Custom Mechanics:
  • The robots are actually different in this map and can server purposes or retaliate!
    • The A robots move forward to the enemy's side to stoke the pyre. This generates cores depending on how many robots are around the pyre. As long as one robot is around the pyre, a secret fast route to the enemy intel will open!
    • The B robots are capable of casting spells in retaliation on hit. Some spells include summoning Jarate, Mad Milk, Gas Passer, fireballs and pumpkin bombs.
    • There is a singular C robot. It has a lot of health and can cast more spells, including summoning skeletons! If you do manage to defeat this robot, you will be rewarded with a ton of cores!
Contributors: SuperLuxDeluxe (Map and logic) - Pinewabble (Cultist robot models, logic)

Extra notes:
This hasn't had a test yet! Everything is verified to be packed though.



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Aug 12, 2017
Map name: Zoned
Game mode: Payload
Link: Over here
Custom Mechanic: Payload cart enters the underworld for 2 of the maps points
Contributors: August101
Extra info: The overworld likely still needs some balancing. Latest version is untested.
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Ray is Sucky

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Jun 20, 2020
Map Name: Meat Train
Gamemode: Player Destruction
Custom Mechanic(s): Skeletons spawn on the opposite team's side after every 10 points deposited by your team , these skeletons drop pd pickups
Contributors: just me?
Extra Info: This map has not been tested and the underworld section was cut because it just didn't work
Used MegapiemanPHD's pd pickup dropping skeleton prefab and Meaty Textures by Radarhead

Screenshot (1178).png

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Jun 22, 2016
Map name: Graveshift
Game mode: CTF
Link: CTF_Graveshift
Custom Mechanic(s):
- Security gates that active when players pick up the flag
Contributors: None
Extra info: WARNING: It's also medieval mode


Jan 18, 2014
Map Name: Orange Grove
Gamemode: Payload
Custom Mechanic(s): The cart died and is now a ghost. This means it is non-solid and spooks players if they touch it. It also "haunts" various things as it passes, such as rising skeletons from the dead and moving objects to dynamically change the map.
Contributors: norfolk

Extra notes:
Haven't tested it yet! I also forgot to pack the nav file for the skeletons, but hopefully I can fix that in the grace period.
Uses Yaki's new skeleton prefab for basic skeletons.
UPDATED to a1a during grace period.
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Ray is Sucky

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Jun 20, 2020
Im pretty sure you need to include a screenshot of your map